The fungi then that live within the nail bed eventually attack the human nails and for a start, it will turn yellow.  The nail will look weak and until it becomes dark in colour and dies.  If the condition is not attended to the soonest, the fungi will rapidly increase and the whole nail condition will become worse.  The sad part is severe cases of fungal attacks may cause the nails to thicken, get crooked and may smell really bad.

One of the worst fungal infections is seen on the nails. Onychomycosis, also called as tinea unguium , ringworm on the nail or simply nail fungal infection is a big dilemma of adults. This is a common disease that affects around 6-8 % of the adult population. Usually, this infects toenails and fingernails, though in most cases, toenails are infected.

People experiencing from this fungal infection can have thick discolored brittle nails. In worst cases, the nail becomes coarse and very fragile that the nail can be separated from the nail bed.  The nails also can turn yellow to cloudy then finally, dark. The fungi that cause this fungal infection are known as dermatophytesa kind of fungi that can survive even without sunlight.

Their ability of surviving without light allows them to reside even in the darkest, narrowest and innermost part of the human skin. These fungi, if untreated can multiply, making the problem worst. Other factors that can lead to Onychomycosis are having untreated skin injuries, substantial perspiration, improper ventilation due to the regular wearing of socks and walking in damp places such as gymnasium floor or swimming pool grounds. The victim can experience fungal infection for many, many years.

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Funginix nail fungus treatment is one of the best medical options for people who have nail fungus. It is very embarrassing to live with this kind of nail disease because it is smelly and has an ugly appearance. Funginix effectively treats nail fungus for a short duration of time so you can surely have clean and healthy nails after using it repeatedly.

Every person should use Funginix because it is easy to use. There are many nail fungi ointments in the market but these requires a lot of steps in order to use it like shaking or dissolving it with water. There are also oral medications for nail fungus but these have to be taken in a specific time daily. To use Funginix, you only have to use a brush applicator and apply the ointment on the affected nails every morning and evening that became one of the reasons for its great Funginix reviews.

Funginix is also safe. Many nail fungus ointments in the market has chemicals that could cause the skin unwanted redness, wounds and rashes. In addition, nail fungus oral medications could have side effects that can harm the liver, stomach and digestive tract. Funginix composes of 25 natural ingredients such as vitamin E, sweet almond, bearberry extract, clove, cocoa seed, rose hip, jasmine, menthol, butter, tea tree oils, lavender, camphor and butter so you can be sure that it is safe to use.

Many Funginix reviews also reveal that this product smells good and surprisingly hides the foul smell of nail fungus really well. Many people who have nail fungus are shy from showing their feet because the scent coming from the affected nails are strong and nasty. Not many nail fungus medications in the market mask this specific problem that leads sufferers to wear closed shoes and socks. Since Funginix have a strong sweet scent because of its lavender and jasmine ingredients, you can be sure that there will be no hint of foul smell even if your feet are bare.

Lastly, Funginix is effective in removing nail fungi in affected nails. There are many nail fungus ointments and oral medications in the market but many of these are not effective enough to cure an affected nail. Funginix has the active ingredient Undecynedic Acid, which is also used in treating dandruff and reliving itchy feet. In fact this is the main reason why there are many good Funginix reviews on the internet so you have nothing to worry about.

Even though Funginix is a great product, people have to use it frequently for three up to six months in order to reduce reappearance of nail fungus. The reason behind this is nail fungus grows its roots even down to the tiniest spots below the nail and these small roots can grow fungi. If you stopped using it once the nails became clear, you might have nail fungus on these again after a week.

You can easily buy Funginix in the official Funginix website or by buying through online stores. Get a Funginix nail fungus treatment and for sure your ugly nails will be gone forever.