Men who are more than fifty years old and overweight are more prone of having high cholesterol, high blood pressure, certain cancers and heart disease so they need to follow certain health tips. It is essential to do various kinds of exercises and have a good diet plan in order to keep the body fit and healthy.

Nutritious Diet

It is important to consume a wide range of fruits, vegetables, dairy products (non fat) and whole grains. In order to lose weight and be in good health, it is recommended to eat three cups of vegetables and two cups of fruits everyday. Make sure to get the 30% of your calorie consumption from fat and just 5-10% from saturated fat such as processed foods, butter, whole dairy foods and fatty meat products. Instead of steak, eat healthy fat such as fish, olive oil, sunflower oil and nuts. If you cannot resist meat, make sure to get it from the lean cuts only.


If you are inactive, make sure that you eat lesser than two thousand calories but if you are living an active lifestyle, you can consume more.

Eating habits and your metabolism

Aging can slow down your metabolism so one of the health tips to remember is to increase your body metabolism and lose weight especially if you are over fifty. You can effectively do this by eating smaller meals throughout the day.


In order to increase your muscle mass, it is recommended to do more weight training exercises. Since muscle mass tends to decrease as you age, it is important to make up for it by doing exercises. As much as possible, exercise for about thirty to sixty minutes 4 or more times every week. In addition, do strength-training exercises (for upper and lower body) such as isometrics, yoga or weight training.

Experts also suggest including aerobics in your regular workout to burn more body fat. Additionally, other health tips include joining a team or sports club to keep your body healthy and active and in order to lose weight effectively, make sure to include cardiovascular exercises in your daily routine.