With the kind of pressure we get from the media, and the kind of acceptance people get from on-lookers and passersby, it is almost impossible to look in the mirror and not see a single flaw. Especially for young adults and the middle-aged, the search for the fountain of well-being is a life-long journey that takes one in long stretches. Cosmetic surgeries have been performed to improve a person’s physical features: botox, face lift, nose lift, eyebrow and lip tattoo, breast and butt augmentation, and other procedures that could be just too pricey for some people.

But more than the problem of not looking like super models in their modeling gig make-ups, weight issues had been posing more threats both in psychological and physical health. In the United States alone, there are lots of cases of bullying and depression because of being too skinny or too fat.

But with the kind of perception that we have about skinny models being “hot and sexy,” being too skinny is something to go for. Yes, it’s not healthy, and yes, so is being overweight. Being in the extreme end of each strata poses different problems, but one is harder to cure than the other.

Remember when people sued McDonald’s for causing obesity in the US?

But should we really blame food establishments for the cases of obesity and unhealthy lifestyle? After all, it’s the people who chooses what to have and not. The hereditary traits of being skinny or overweight should also be considered, as some are just born with the dysfunctional metabolism as such.

The question that we should be asking is “how do we solve the problem of obesity? If you are aiming to lose weight most effectively, target the main cause of your excess weight.

Eat right. Nothing beats a healthy diet. But that doesn’t mean a box of donut with a diet or decaffeinated cup of coffee. It means eating a little of everything your body needs. Chocolates are OK as long as you don’t consume 400g of chocolate bar in just one day. Your food pyramid should be your guide, you need everything in there in little portions.

Be active. If you want to boost your body’s ability to burn calories naturally, make sure you’re living the right lifestyle. Even shopping can do something for you. Your whole day of walking and searching for that new designer shoes or the long line you’d have to wait for the store to open is actually a good exercise already.

Bulk up on the right food. Did you know that eating spicy food actually boosts your metabolism and burn fat faster. Kanjac root could also suppress appetite so having something with its extract regularly can make you feel full in longer periods, making snacking in huge portions a thing of the past. Coffee, if taken black and sugar-free could also boost your energy while aiding your body’s ability to burn unwanted calories.

If you can’t have it all, invest on safe and effective food supplements such as Adiphene. Although Lipo-6 Ultimate could also give you almost the same effects, there are just some ingredients in large dosages in that brand that could be dangerous, especially when taken with other stimulants or medicine. Adiphene, on the other hand, is the safest option since it is made from natural compounds so side effects are at its lowest rate and minor forms.