Binge eating is another eating disorder that’s very alarming. Binge eating is characterized by overeating by the sufferer. You’d think that eating would be okay because everybody eats but when it’s done to the excessive, then it can be dangerous to one’s health.

Binge eating is more common in people who are overweight. They deal with their issues of overweight or unhappiness by eating excessively. They eat to feel better about themselves but eventually they’ll feel miserable and guilty after downing so much food.

People who binge, stuff themselves with a lot of food even when they’re not hungry. They eat excessively very quickly and until they’re uncomfortably full. Eating has been their coping mechanism. Often times, people just think it is stress eating but when it’s been happening a lot, then there might be a problem.

Many binge eaters don’t often get themselves diagnosed. After all, they’re not starving themselves. They aren’t losing an excess amount of weight. You have to admit that it is scarier to see someone who’s skin and bones that someone with too much flesh and meat.

When people are obese, the immediate reaction of many people is that he’s out of control. And binge eating is really out of control. It is unlike anorexia where anorexics are very strict with what they eat. If they eat something, they do whatever it takes to burn the calories off. That’s not the case with binge-eaters. After bingeing, they often deal with a lot of self-blame and guilt.

Another reason why many binge-eaters don’t get treated is that many of these people don’t realize they are already suffering from an eating disorder. They often associate their bingeing episodes with the stress of their daily lives and they feel that when they just exert a certain amount of self-control, they’ll be able to handle it. But that’s not true. Like other psychological disorders, there is no easy cure to binge-eating. But unlike anorexia and other eating disorders, it’s probably easier to treat.

There are medications that can be prescribed to people who suffer from a binge eating disorder. Medications that help lessen their appetite so they don’t feel the need to eat whenever the mood strikes them. Also, people who are getting treated for their disorder are often subjected to a low calorie diet to help them lose weight and feel better about themselves throughout the whole ordeal.

Of course people who binge will not die of starvation but their eating habits are also very destructive. Excessive eating puts them in much risk of developing a heart complication and diabetes, even more risk than people who are the same weight as them without an eating disorder. Being overweight is not recommended by anyone as excess fat especially in the abdominal area presses on vital internal organs that might result in health complications in the future.

If you feel that you suffer from binge eating disorder, get help. You should not be ashamed of what you’re doing because you are a victim of a chronic mental illness. It has taken over your life. Get help so you can take control of your life.