Second to Chlamydia, gonorrhea is a common sexually transmitted disease (STD) in America with more than seven hundred thousand individuals affected every year. In the year 1975 to 1997, the cases of gonorrhea declined after a national measure to control it was implemented in the middle of 1970. In 1998, there was a slight increase but this declined again since 1999. In the year 2004, there were 330,132 cases reported. This meant for every 100,000 individuals, the infection rate was 113.5.

People within the age range of 20 to 24 had the highest rate of this STD as there were 527.5 cases for every 100,000 persons. This is four times above the national average which is 120.9 for every 100,000 individuals.  For females within the age range of 15 to 24, there are 605 cases for every 100,000 persons while for males in the 20 to 24 age range, there are 454 cases for every 100,000 individuals.