The occurrence of Paraphimosis can cause agonizing pain to the male reproductive organ which results to discomfort and injury as well. Although the pain is not always constant, it is still advisable and recommended for a male individual suffering from this penis disorder to get checked immediately as it can lead to infection to the penis. In common cases, if the foreskin of the penis is pushed back, it can still be retracted back by the individual’s own effort. However, if ever the foreskin of the penis cannot be pulled back anymore to its original location, it is best to seek professional help from a doctor.

The initial treatment a doctor would do is to alleviate the inflammation of the penis by simply pressing the penis with one hand or by covering the penis in a constricted binding. Once the inflammation has subsided, the doctor can try retracting the foreskin to its proper location. Nevertheless, if this treatment still does not work, the doctor may have to make a tiny incision through the folded prepuce to release it.