As Priapism can be very painful, an immediate treatment should be made especially for cases such as the Ischemic Priapism. The treatment for this generally starts with the purpose of wearing the blood from the penis and as well as a few medications. The first treatment one can do is to use a tiny needle and a syringe to continue wearing the excess blood from the penis after it has been numbed with the use of local anesthesia.

For this specific procedure, a saline solution can be used to flush the veins of the penis as it can lessen the pain and can also removes the oxygen-poor blood tissues. As a result, it will eventually stop the erection. The intake of certain drugs can also be a form of treatment such as the alpha-adrenergic sympathomimetic medication which is a form of an injective drug. This form of drug narrows the blood vessels where the blood transports through the penis. Thus, managing the blood that flows in.