With the right nutrition tips, you don’t have to worry about your child’s nutrition. Remember, determination and patience are essential when it comes to dealing with a picky eater. Your persistence in prioritizing your child’s proper nutrition will eventually pay off as your kid grows and starts to develop food preferences, priorities and associations.

1. It is normal for kids to eat only when they feel hungry. If he or she is not hungry, there is no use in forcing a snack or a meal. In addition, do not pressure your child to eat everything on the plate as this may only provoke more resistance over food.

2. Always serve snacks and meals at consistent times every single day. In addition, make sure not to provide snacks, milk or juice an hour before the meal.

3. One of the important nutrition tips when it comes to dealing with picky eaters is to be very patient when trying new healthy foods. You need to expose your children to a new food repetitively. Also, persuade your children by talking about the shapes, colors, smell and texture of the food.

4. To make your kids eat vegetables more, make the meal fun. For instance, you can serve vegetables with their favorite sauce or dip. It is also recommended to cut veggies and fruits into different fun shapes using cookie cutters. You can also try offering foods for breakfast during dinner.

5. To expose your children to healthy foods, ask them to help you in choosing vegetables, fruits and other items when shopping. In addition, never purchase anything unhealthy for your children. You can also let them help in preparing meals – let them rinse vegetables, mix the salad or set the table.

6. Be creative in preparing your children’s meals by adding vegetables in their favorite meals. For instance, add chopped green peppers or broccoli to the spaghetti sauce or put fruit slices in their cereal.

Eating a wide range of healthy foods in front of your children can make them do the same. With the numerous nutrition tips available for a picky eater, the best one is to be a healthy eater yourself.