According to Mayo Clinic’s nutritionist Katherine Zeratsky, vegetarians have a higher chance of losing weight than meat eaters. Eating meat will only add up to the fats and calories intake of the body. However, cutting out meat may not be a good idea unless it is replaced with a healthy, balanced diet.

Reduce the calorie intake of the body

Calories are the enemy of those people who are losing weight. Thus reducing the calorie intake below the calorie burn rate will prevent someone from gaining weight. An average man should consume 2,500 calories per day and a woman needs 2,000 calories, this is according to

Take away the fats

Taking out butters and oils in the diet can help someone loss weight effectively. These foods contain saturated fats that are known to increase the bad cholesterol in the body and therefore can increase someone’s weight.

Say “no” to fried foods

Eating healthy foods is the main goal and frying is absolutely a contrast in this goal. Fried foods may taste like heaven but they will only add up to the fat consumption of the body. To prevent this, a person may steam his/her vegetables instead of frying it.

Protein is important

Taking meat out of the diet will also lead to the reduce amount of proteins in our body. Protein is a very important component of the body because it helps the body in repairing and building cells. Lack in protein may result to thinner hair, fainting and difficulty in sleeping. Proteins are not only found in meat, it can also be found in kinds of vegetables such as the beans, which also contains fibre that will make the person feel full. Aside from that, a slice of whole grain bread also contains proteins and fibre.

Choose whole grain foods

Taking up whole grains instead of the refined ones, is a better idea to lose weight. A piece of whole grain bread contains fibre that helps in making a person feel full, thus, he/she will only consuming small amounts of food. Aside from that, the fibre can help in fast and proper digestion as well as it fights colon cancer.

Substitute meat with veggies

Cutting out meat in the diet can be difficult since people are already accustomed with eating steaks, bacon, hams and other meat products. However, there are a lot of meat counterparts in the market. For instance, the tofu has a meaty texture and a good substitute of meat. If a person find it hard to eat vegetables, he/she can surf the internet for the kinds of vegetarian meals.

Being a vegetarian can be difficult at first, especially when a person is already accustomed in eating meat and its by-products such hams and bacon. One can start by taking out meat products in the ref to prevent someone from craving for it. After it, the person can now cut out the meat from his/her diet. In doing this step-by-step, the weight loss process will be easy and simple.