Use of body wraps is one trend in losing weight. Since its launch in the 80’s slimming body wraps has been considered as a credible and safe approach to remove excess fat from the body. Because of this, a lot of spas and salons offering this service have sprouted and continue to gain clients.

But, how do body wraps work to eliminate fat?

What are the steps performed?

Does it have other benefits besides weight loss?

Slimming body wraps are able to make a person lose weight through eradication of toxins from the body. Toxins and extra fluid are stored between the cells. As the body sweats due to the slimming wrap, these toxic substances and fluid lose their stability and go out of the system entirely. While these substances escape, the body stops generating excess lymphatic secretions, thus the body appears thinner and the skin becomes tightened.

In most salons, the body wrapping method is conducted in darkly lit rooms. Aromatic candles and oil lamps are utilized to create a relaxing ambience. Mellow sounds are also played to release any form of tension in the mind and the body. In such a way, the client becomes detached from stressors and depression-inducing factors. This is an important part of the process since stress and tension have been found to be a big contributor to weight gain. Moreover, the client is requested to lie on a massage table where most of the body wrapping techniques are performed.

Before a client is wrapped, a small amount of body scrub is first applied and is left on the skin for a couple of minutes. After which, the scrub is washed off and another body wrap product is put on the client’s body. Depending on the choice of the client, honey, rosemary water, eucalyptus extract, butter, chocolate, or clay will be applied on the skin. The entire body, except the arms, is wrapped up in the thermal blankets for half an hour. Due to this, sweating will occur and undesirable fats will be burned. Thirty minutes after, the client is given time to cool down and refresh.

Besides its weight losing capability, slimming body wraps also have other benefits such as reduction of cellulites and firming of the skin. Cellulites are often associated with excess fats around the thighs, buttocks, and stomach. A body wrap is able to remove these cellulites as it sheds extra fluid kept in the aforementioned areas. For better results, use of body wraps for cellulite removal is often accompanied with application of coca, fruit extracts, sea salt, rose petals, olive oil, lavender, and yogurt. With the elimination of cellulites, the skin looks nourished and firm.

Through slimming body wraps, weight loss seem so achievable without the fear of experiencing any terrible side effects. More so, one need not worry about having saggy skin after losing fats because body wraps also have skin firming ability. There is no doubt a lot of people spend time and money just to have their bodies tightly wrapped in a blanket.