There are many medical conditions that can cause erectile dysfunction (ED) and one of them is low testosterone. Age lowers levels of hormones such as testosterone. To check if ED is caused by testosterone deficiency, a blood test may have to be performed. The regular testosterone level is from 70 to 100% thus men with a testosterone level below 50% are suffering from low testosterone.

The symptoms of testosterone insufficiency are also related to alcohol consumption, cigarette smoking and diabetes. These three can also lead to ED. By making lifestyle changes, one can help treat ED and boost testosterone level.

As an answer to ED and shortage of testosterone, testosterone replacement therapy is recommended by medical experts. Aside from this, testosterone gels can also be topically applied on the abdomen, upper arms or shoulders. A study participated by 42 men showed that after half a year of using the gel, these men’s erectile function, libido, ejaculatory function and sexual satisfaction rose.