Many athletes around the world are looking forward to participate in their favorite events, but they have to follow some nutrition tips. This is necessary because some of them join events that will test their endurance such as a marathon or a triathlon. Being competitive is one thing but losing a great amount of nutrients is another.

For this reason, athletes should be smart enough to prepare their bodies while exercising or are in the midst of reaching their goals. First, to replace the nutrients that are burned during workouts or exercises, athletes should eat foods that are rich in carbohydrates like bananas, low fat yogurt, oat meal filled with sliced apples or strawberries, or a small whole grain toast that is filled with fruits.

They should eat these easily digested food thirty to sixty minutes before they start exercising. Other alternatives that should be considered especially for endurance athletes are meals in the form of oat meal sprinkled with chicken sausage, cottage cheese or sliced fruit, sliced pecans and granola sprinkled in low fat yogurt.

Moreover, athletes can also practice effective nutrition tips by eating peanut butter that is sprinkled in whole grain crackers together with a small banana slice or even fruit preserves that are used as toppings for a whole grain toast together with vegetables and scrambled eggs.

Drinking water will always be essential during exercises that athletes should watch the color of their urine when they relieve themselves. Those who are able to exercise well are those who have pale urine sans the odor. On the other hand, dark colored urine means that an athlete should drink more liquids to prevent dehydration. In conclusion, athletes who want to be winners should follow several nutrition tips, so that they will not feel tired during exercises or feel dehydrated.