If you have preschool children who have strange and unpredictable eating habits, you need some nutrition tips to keep your children healthy. Most of the time, parents and children fight for control on what food to eat, how much to eat and when to eat. Parents should know that every child has different emotional and physical needs than grown-ups and it is important to identify these differences in order to lessen the stresses when it comes to food.

Relax. What you need are these nutrition tips to assist you in choosing food and planning meals for your child.

Kids need smaller servings of food compared to adults. Therefore, it is not helpful to pressure your child to eat a lot during a meal. Just make sure that they get proper nutrition.

Children are recommended to have a low cholesterol, low saturated fat and low fat diet as adults do. However, this does not necessarily mean that high fat foods must be totally eliminated from your kid’s diet.

Besides regular meals, kids should have snacks throughout the day. Make sure to give them small snacks and instead of milk or juice, it is best to give them water.

Opt for low fat food items and when it comes to high fat foods, go for healthy fats such as nuts, olives or avocado.

It is also recommended to let your children try new food items. If he or she does not like it the first time, try the food or the recipe a number of times for a few months.

They may find a certain food unappealing because of its natural form or the way it has been presented. Usually, they prefer crunchy and raw vegetables than hot dishes. You can also introduce healthy finger foods so that they can enjoy their meal better.

Aside from these nutrition tips, it is also important to teach your children how to be physically active even at a very young age.