Testosterone is a hormone found in human beings, mostly in males. It fuels a man’s sexual urges and performance. Those who have inadequate amount of this hormone can minimize the chance of having satisfying sex.  Sexual problems may arise such as erectile dysfunction (ED) or low libido.

There are men who still have that sexual urge even if they have low testosterone. There are also findings that there are men with regular testosterone level having low libido. It cannot be discounted however that low libido may be caused by insufficient testosterone as medical studies support this theory.

There are also other reasons for a low libido and these are depression, lack of sleep, anger, stress and chronic medical conditions. Anti-depressants and alcohol can also curb sexual urges in men. When intimacy declines, this makes sex not a priority thus couples would not have the urge to make love. There are also studies that say not thinking of sex as well as a poor relationship can lead to low libido.