When physicians prescribe a testosterone replacement therapy, they provide an artificial version of testosterone for the alleviation or reversal of the symptoms of low testosterone. This is a hormone that makes the bone and muscle grow and enhances male characteristics. It develops from the age range of 18-25 years old and after that, the hormone declines by 2% every year. When there is testosterone inadequacy, there are many psychological changes that would occur in men.

Testosterone replacement therapy helps males have a better life and counteract aging. There are 30% to 35% of American males who undergo oral testosterone such as pills, tables or adhesive strips. There are also those who try the oil-based injections to deliver testosterone in their bodies.

Some males also use testosterone patches, sprays or creams that are applied on their skin.

When testosterone replacement therapy is done, men will have a better sex life, become more energetic, achieve good mental health and have a better sense of well-being.