A person’s perception of his self emanates from the inside out, or so they say. It is very true that you are what you say you are, and looking great is feeling great. But how would you that when every time you look in the mirror, you see something far from healthy or sexy?

Weight issues have been a problem since anyone can possibly remember. A person can suffer from simple emotional eating once in a while, or go to something as serious as anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa. Both eating disorders are psychological in nature.

Bulimia is eating then binging or inducing vomit to force out whatever food had been taken in, while anorexia is refusing to eat anything or induce vomiting to take out food. These kinds of eating disorders are brought about mostly by peer and media pressure to look skinny to fit in.

Not getting the right amount of nutrients because of not eating or eating too little of everything can give off negative effects such as osteoporosis, weakened immune system, infertility and anemia. The good thing is since both conditions are psychological, it can be easily solved with psychotherapy and self-acceptance.

But what’s more alarming is the increasing number of overweight men and women who post higher risks of more serious and most times fatal conditions such as heart disease, higher blood pressure, diabetes and fatty liver. Being overweight could exist due to the family’s genes, or it may be because of emotional overeating, slow metabolism or inactive lifestyle. Being overweight though, may it be hereditary or not, can be helped with proper diet plans and training, exercise and food supplements.

Right now, a lot of food supplements are available over the counter. All of them promise weight loss, and that results would be visible in at least 14 days. Some products are really true to their promises but there would still be some that are ineffective and are total waste of money. It all comes down to how essential are the ingredients and how safe they are for the human body.

Adiphene and Lipo-6 Unlimited have been neck-and-neck in the competition, as both offers promising results fast. Adiphene is an all-natural food supplement in capsule form, that binds fat and flushes it out altogether, curbs appetite, and burns calories fast by improving the person’s metabolism.

Lipo-6 Unlimited on the other hand is in a liquid capsule form, and solves weight loss problems by curbing the appetite, burn excess calories fast, and boost the energy which is a good plus during work outs. The similarity of these two makes it hard for potential customers to choose between the two. The deciding point, though, is the ingredients being used to produce the supplements. Needless to say, a natural-based capsule is better than synthetic supplements, as it poses less risk.

Adiphene would be a great choice especially for people whose primary workout is walking to work, and has no or too little spare time to spend on a gym training. It also wins the consumers’ votes because of the natural products used in the formula.