When you have low testosterone, you may be suffering from serious medical conditions. Testosterone is a steroid hormone usually found in men and is responsible for deepening the voice, growth of hair and increased muscles and bone mass. Low testosterone will result to low libido, lack of sexual urge, erectile deficiency, lack of energy and endurance, lack of sleep and decreased muscle tissues. People undergo testosterone treatment so as to avoid these symptoms.

With testosterone treatment, there is more energy, increased sexual drives and stamina and lower cases of ED. It reduces body fat thus minimizing the risk of heart diseases, improves memory and enhances bone density.

There are also risks of testosterone treatments. Such therapies enhance oxygen flow thus red blood cells are taken to all body parts. The risk of such an increased flow is that cancerous tissues will grow along with the non-cancerous counterparts. The other risks are problems with urination, liver damage, sleep apnea, bloating, too much body hair and smaller testicles.