Balanitis is a penis disorder that can start from a simple skin irritation or skin inflammation. Some of these skin conditions that are said to be the most common causes of Balanitis are Psoriasis which is a dry skin disorder that is mostly hereditary, Dermatitis which is the swelling of the skin that is generally due to a direct contact with a person who is infected with it or a simple allergic reaction, Eczema which is considered to be a chronic skin disorder wherein the skin turns dry, cracked, reddish and scratchy, and Lichen Planus which is also a skin disorder that forms tiny and itchy spots that are either pink or purple in color usually found on the legs and arms.

Moreover, the inflammation of the penis can also be caused by shower gels or bath soaps that people normally use, fabric conditioners especially if not washed off completely, soap detergents also if not properly washed off and as well as condoms and lubricants that contain some chemicals.