There are many factors that can cause the occurrence of Pharaphimosis. One common cause is a direct contact to the prepuce or foreskin area. Direct contact such as accidental hitting of the foreskin of the penis can give trauma to the area, leading to the development of Paraphimosis. Another cause is the simple form of cleaning the glans of the penis.

Why is that so?

This is because some caregivers, especially in nursing homes or hospitals, may tend to forget to put back the prepuce of the penis to its original location after cleaning it up. This type of penis disorder usually occurs in babies, toddlers and the elders.

In general cases, the elders in nursing homes would be needing assistance for such a simple activity as urinating. The caregiver’s failure to put back the prepuce of the penis to its natural location can eventually lead to Paraphimosis. Moreover, a person’s hygiene is also one factor because bad hygiene can also be a cause for the development of this disorder.