Basically, the main cause of the Peyronie’s Disease is still unclear. In most common cases wherein the disorder advances quickly, the usual basis is the trauma that the penis experiences when it is hit or bended which then results to bleeding in the inner area of the penis. Nevertheless, there are people who experience a slower development of the disease. In this case, it could develop into a severe case requiring the need of an operation.

On the other hand, there are more causes of the Peyronie’s Disease. One of the known causes is vasculitis which is the irritation of the blood and vessels in the lymph nodes. The irritation would then result to the development of a scar tissue. Another cause is an occurrence of a connective tissue disorder which causes the connective tissue such as the skin, cartilage and bone to harden or thicken. Peyronie’s Disease can also be caused by the simplest reason as one’s genes.