Basically, the main cause of the development of Phimosis in the male reproductive organ is still unknown. Nevertheless, one can still be mindful to know if ever he has developed Phimosis. The easiest basis for someone to know if he is a possible candidate to obtain Phimosis is if he is uncircumcised or simply because of young age.

Because of the lack of information of the real cause behind this penis disorder, it is important for males to be aware of the possible symptoms of Phimosis. The most common ones are the inflammation of the head or glans of the penis, if there is pain in the penis, the incapacity to retract the prepuce or foreskin of the penis, struggle to release urine and as well as bloating of the prepuce. Furthermore, as information regarding Phimosis is very limited, men should be fully mindful to have a check-up if these symptoms happen to appear.