There are many factors that can cause Priapism. For one, blood-related conditions can eventually lead to the occurrence of Priapism. It is particularly caused by Ischemic Priapism which involves a continuous erection of the penis because of the inadequate flow of blood from the male reproductive organ. One known cause of Priapism in boys is the sickle cell anemia in which irregularly formed cells are blocking the blood flow of the penis to the body. Aside from this, medications can also contribute to Priapism.

These medications include drugs that correct any dysfunction in the male reproductive organ’s erection like Viagra and papaverine which is a type of drug directly injected into the penis. Other oral medications such as those for the regulation of a high blood pressure and as well as anti-depressant drugs are also included. Moreover, illegal drugs such as cocaine and marijuana are also big contributors for a person to have Priapism.