Paraphimosis is the incapacity to diminish an inflamed and a positioned prepuce proximally along the head of the penis. This type of penis disorder usually occurs in males as early as they are toddlers, specifically at ages before three to four years old. This normally happens if the caregiver of the child would pull back the prepuce of the child’s penis for purposes of bathing or cleaning.

A person who has Paraphimosis develops penis glans that is swollen, painful and reddish which can be connected to an edematous. The pulled back prepuce produces a tight circumferential band in which the head of the penis that is close to the tight circumferential band appears soft.

Moreover, the pulled back prepuce blocks the drainage of the lymph nodes from the penis. As a result, it would eventually result to additional edema of the pulled back prepuce. If the retracted prepuce is left and the development of an edema remains, an arterial flow may occur in a few hours lasting to days.