Penile cancer is generally an uncommon and a rare case of cancer that happens when there are irregular and underdeveloped cells that separate and grow unmanaged. This type of cancer is usually positioned on the penis’ skin or the tissues wherein it has grown malignantly.

A Penile cancer, just like the other malignant cancers, has a high chance of spreading across the other body parts. It starts with a primary malignancy which is referred to as the first stage wherein the cancer starts spreading across the body then it could develop into secondary malignancy in which the cancer has already spread directly to the male reproductive organ and other parts of the body.

In this case, physicians would use metastasis to evaluate the specific stage the cancer is in. Through this, specific treatments, medications and as well as a prognosis can be made. Moreover, the prognosis may vary depending on the patient’s scale where they were originally staged. Of course, if an early diagnosis has been achieved, there can be a better prognosis.