There are many disorders that affect the male reproductive organ or the penis but one of the primary disorders that can affect the penis is Priapism. Priapism is a continuous and agonizing erection of the penis that may last for over four hours. The erection of the penis for this disorder is not connected with any sexual engagement.

However, unlike the natural erection caused by a normal sexual encounter, the erection that is caused by Priapism cannot be released or dismissed by reaching orgasm, making it harder for any male. Priapism transpires because there is inadequacy in draining the blood that flows into the male reproductive organ.

There are two kinds of Priapism. The first one is the low-flow kind which occurs when the blood is not flowing properly from the organ to the body while the second one is the high-flow kind in which it includes the vascular system’s short-circuit incompletely through the organ.